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Sharing culinary experiences with other foodies in the new york and new jersey area
As I watched the New York edition of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel, it occurred to me that those of us in the NY/NJ area live in a place where you have almost any kind of food available to you. And I realized that of all of the great places that I’ve found to eat in this area, I’ve only just barely touched upon the dietary opportunities afforded to me. There are thousands of places that I may never even have heard of and may never hear of. So, I created this community as a way for food lovers in the New York/New Jersey area to communicate and share their culinary experiences and opinions. Know of a great hole-in-the-wall in Chinatown that makes the best dumplings you’ve ever eaten? Tell us about it! Know of a gourmet restaurant in a New Jersey suburb that most people seem to pass up? Spread the word! Even if you just want to share a great recipe – It’s all good.

There really are no rules for the community, but here are some guidelines that will hopefully make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

Community Guidelines:

1. Please don’t spam the community
2. Please cut large posts and images
3. Please post as much information as you can about places to go, so that others can check them out. Links are not necessary, but are always appreciated, especially if you can hook us up with an online menu.
4. Obviously, it’s preferable to keep posts pertinent to this area, but don’t let that stop you from making the occasional post about some great out of the way place.
5. It’s NOT mandatory, but you might want to introduce yourself to the community when you join.

A sample intro might include:
First name:
Favorite Type(s) of Food:
Strangest Food You’ve Tried:
A Few Words About Yourself: