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Les Halles - Park Ave. Location - New York - New Jersey Cuisine [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Les Halles - Park Ave. Location [May. 27th, 2008|01:29 pm]
New York - New Jersey Cuisine


This past Sunday, lemmywinks30 and I finally made it to Les Halles on Park Ave. in NYC. We had been wanting to try this restaurant out for a while, and I think it was worth the anticipation. The atmosphere is nice, and not too stuffy. Sure, the hostess greets you (and answers the phone) with a "bon jour," which under normal circumstances would come off as pretentious, but hell, it's a French restaurant, so what else would you expect?

The waiter was friendly, and helpful in choosing a wine that wouldn't force us to take out a second mortgage, but that we'd still enjoy. We ended up with a bottle of Chateau La Cardonne, which went well with our meals. I have to say though, that since finding out how much a bottle of it costs outside of the restaurant, I'm disappointed that we broke our rule of not buying wine when dining out. The mark-up is just ridiculous. But on to the food.

I started off with the escargots, because I figured it just made sense. 6 snails came out in a round ceramic dish with 6 holes each housing 1 of the little critters drowning in a butter, garlic, and herb sauce. The sauce was delicious and made for a great dipping sauce for the bread. It should be noted that the bread and butter that they give you before the meal was also particularly tasty.

Then, on to the main course. lemmywinks30 got the filet mignon and I got the mixed grill. She was pretty happy with the filet, although a bit disappointed with the amount of fat. Not that it was that excessive, but most of the places that we go for filet will give you very lean cut with almost no fat. Still, she enjoyed it, and I had a taste and can concur that it was a nice piece of beef.

My mixed grill was also very tasty. It comes with a small piece of steak, hanger steak, thick cut bacon, roasted tomatoes, a lamb chop, and merguez, which is Moroccan lamb sausage. And almost all of it was great. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the lamb chop, which was very fatty. But I'm not much for lamb chops. The pieces of steak were very lean and tender, which I wasn't totally expecting. I usually get filet mignon when I get steak. The bacon was very good. It's this huge, thick piece of bacon that you don't get unless you go to specialty stores. And the merguez was probably my favorite part. If you like Mediterranean food, you'd like it. There was also some other piece of meat served with it that looked and tasted kind of like kielbasi, and that was good too.

For dessert, we got the chocolate souffle, and I have to say it's probably one of the best I've had. Overall, I'd say that we both really enjoyed the food and the relaxed atmosphere. And yeah, the fact that this is Anthony Bourdain's old stomping ground kind of makes it a little more fun. But I'd say it's worth checking out even if you're not a fan.

All pertinent info can be found on their website, including menus: Les Halles

[User Picture]From: lemmywinks30
2008-05-27 06:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks for taking me on the date!
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From: chaosvizier
2008-05-27 07:43 pm (UTC)
That looks really good. And not super-pricy either. I'll have to save this one for a good day. If I can stop eating at Max Brenner's Chocolate Restaurant. Mmmmmm...diabeticalicious.
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[User Picture]From: djdysfunction
2008-05-27 08:53 pm (UTC)
Hmm, that sounds good. Tell me more!
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